13 Sep


Hokkien Mee is another Penang street food (the others being laksa and curry mee) that causes considerable confusion for non-Penangites. Penang Hokkien mee is a bowl of mixed-beehoon/mee noodles with kangkong & beansprouts, garnished with small shrimps, pork, sliced boiled eggs, fried shallots and chilli. A savoury, spicy broth of prawn and pork stock is poured over this bowl of noodles. Surrounded by sea thus ensuring the freshness of its prawns, Penang has a good many places that serves delicious Hokkien mee. Here, we will list some of our favourites, not in order of preferences.

1) Kopitiam at the junction of Lebuh Carnarvon & Lorong Cheong Fatt Tze. ( Opens 5.30am to 9.30am . yes it’s true, the early bird catches the worm!). Ask the vendor to add-on extra portions of tiny fried shrimps.

2) 888 Hokkien mee at Lebuh Presgrave ( Opens about 6pm till about 10pm ). Add-ons of roast pork, etc can be had with a bowl of noodles at this stall.

3) Kopitiam at the corner of Gat Lebuh Presgrave & Jalan C.Y.Choy (Opens 7pm till late, often to 1am ).

4) Kopitiam at the corner of Jalan Moulmein in Pulau Tikus (Opens 7am to 9.30am ). The Hokkien mee broth at this stall is very tasty but it is easier to ask Mr. Scrooge for a gold bar than the vendor for extra helpings of her delicious broth!

5) Keo Tau (aka Bridge ) Hokkien mee at 531, Jalan C.Y. Choy opposite the new Sia Boey Urban park. ( Opens 7.30am to 12 noon).