CNY Lion Dance & 'Lo Yeesang' *

Chinese New Year 12 February 2021
7 Jan

12 February 2021 – “LO HEI, LO HEI!” & LION DANCE *

Lodge Event

12 February 2021.( Time 2pm to 4pm )

CNY Lion Dance & ‘Lo Yeesang’ *

As is our tradition, the first day of Chinese New Year(CNY) of the Ox will (Hopefully) be celebrated with our in-house Guests and invited Friends & Family. An 80-year old Lion Dance troupe will be performing. On this auspicious day, our very popular homemade celebratory “Lo Yeesang” will be served. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we are able to continue our unique once-a-year tradition on the first day of CNY – for Good Tidings & Good Health the whole year round! “Lo Hei, Lo Hei” !

*Due to the covid-19 pandemic, this event is subject to covid-19 restrictions and may be cancelled. Confirmation of this Complimentary event for in-house guests will only be announced a week prior to the event date, taking into account possible pandemic restrictions nearer the event date.

*Date & Time(Tentative): 12 February 2021.(Time 2pm to 4pm. Because of non-exact nature of lion dance troupe arrival schedules, the lion dance performance will be roughly between 2pm and 4pm)                                            
Venue: Betel Nut Lodge
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