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Top 5 of favourite street food
21 Mar


PENANG FOOD(The Top 5 Street Food You Should try-Not in order of Preference !)

Penang and especially George Town is home to many famous dishes that justly put Penang on the World Foodies Map.While George Town’s majority inhabitants are Peranakan Chinese, it is also home to many other races and cultures. These cultural interactions resulted in an incredible variety of cuisines.  As lovers of food, our modest blog aims to guide both visitors and locals navigate the Penang food scene based on our favourite(and sometimes not so favourite) places to eat.

Penang food is incredibly varied & good(yes we are biased!) and Foodies Rejoice .You have  nothing to lose but your waistline!


1)Char Koay Teow(CKT)

Char Koay Teow is the top 5 of our favourite street food! This dish is made with Chinese rice flat noodles chilli fried with bean sprouts, eggs, prawns, cockles, garlic chives(and often chinese sausages). Purists of CKT insists on pork lard and wok-fried noodles over a charcoal fire.CKT is generally good all over Penang but our few favourites in town(in random order):

  • Siam Road uncle
  • Tiger CKT (Kopitiam at the corner of Lebuh Melayu & Lebuh Carnarvon)
  • Lorong Selamat( Choose the stall with the lady in goggles but beware of her temper!)


In Penang, Laksa by default is made of a fishy and spicy tamarind soup with rice noodles. Garnished with ginger flower, mint, cucumber, pineapple, raw onions and then dribbled with a dollop of black shrimp paste, this dish will blow your mind away(among other things!). We also love another version of this dish called Laksa Lemak which gives it a varied flavour in the coconut-milk based soup. (Note that outside of Penang, what is known as Laksa is a totally different dish). Our laksa suggestions:

  • The old Aunty at Maccalum Market from 1pm to 4pm
  • My Own Cafe (on Cannon Street)
  • The internet sensations at Ayer Itam – Unknown to diners including most locals, there are two decent stalls here,  opposite each other. The more well-known stall on the pavement by the road and another opposite it in the market complex. Both have been around for a long time and are “laksa institutions” in their own way.

3)Mamak Mee Goreng

Nobody makes this dish better than the Indian Muslim Community. An earlier example of fusion food from social & cultural interactions ; this dish’s main ingredients are Chinese Hokkien noodles, hard tofu, beansprouts, eggs, squid & prawn fritters. But, into the wok are also all manner of Indian spices and soya sauce. When one have a plate of Mamak Mee Goreng, one will realise the

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