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A Hidden Heritage Accommodation

SRI BETEL NUT: Musings from the Front Room.

As I watched the going-ons of the street below my room, I can’t help but marvel at what Penang and especially George Town has given me. This atmospheric city tugs at my heartstrings and continues to show me, almost daily, the joys of living albeit sometimes amidst the trials & tribulations!                                                                                                                 


Pulau Pinang, the second smallest state in Malaysia is made up of two land areas, Penang island (variously known as Prince of Wales Island, Pearl of the Orient) and an area of land (known as Province Wellesley) on mainland Peninsula Malaysia. While commonly referred to as just “Penang”, her official name is Pulau Pinang or Island of the Betel Nut Tree. Penang is a corruption of the Malay word for Betel Nut or Pinang. Strategically located, Penang has traditionally attracted people of various races & cultures to her shores. It was these interactions of cultures that gave Penang and especially George Town its unique Chinese Peranakan character.


Our Lodge is located inside the UNESCO World Heritage site of George Town. Within this UNESCO site lies several thousand heritage buildings of various architectural styles. Also, within this area, one will come across an incredible array of Intangible Heritages of traditional crafts, rituals and cultural practices. Most of these places of interest are within the vicinity of the lodge – so, walking around is the best way to enjoy the visit to George Town.

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“Penang, Food Paradise” – It Is True! The incredible array of food here is mind-boggling. Street food abounds as are restaurants of Nyonya cuisine, Malay cuisine, Indian Muslim food, food from the many Chinese dialect groups, Eurasian community, etc. Here, we will list some of the well-known and what we have termed “Food Institutions” of George Town! Most are within walking distance from our lodge.

Traveler's Tips - Weather

Travellers to Penang are advised to be properly hydrated by drinking enough water. The average day time temperature in Penang is about 32 C although it can feel hotter due the humidity. August to October in George Town tends to be cooler in the evenings due to occasional rain. It’s good to have an umbrella with you! A hat and loose-fitting clothes is most comfortable in the tropics.

For a more current & detailed weather information of George Town visit:
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